“The enjoyment in life is proportional to the diligence with the ideal”

Our Ideal is to be the partner of who wants to manufacture high fashion garments.

manufacture1560s, “something made by hand,” from Middle French manufacture, from Medieval Latin *manufactura, from Latin manu, ablative of manus “hand” + factura “a working,” from past participle stem of facere “to perform” .

We grew up in a land cluttered of masterpieces, in which the “hand knowledge” of artists and craftmen reaches us every day from the past, inviting us to manufacture something good, something beautiful.

Is it possible to ensure the highest quality and to be competitive and efficient at the same time?

This is the question, this is the challenge. We strongly believe that is possible.

That’s why every day since almost 30 year we produce high fashion garments for top brands merging passion, knowledge and technology to pursue quantity and quality together.